Archivist's Note: Kippur (through Alec Troven) took on the task of writing solo PPC missions for the entire Marrissa Picard series of Legendary Badfics. Most of them have been missing for years due to the loss of Kippur's geocities page. Thankfully, Neshomeh saved a copy of one of these stories back in the day, originally from this link. The "4" in that link seems to indicate that there are at least two Marrissa missions still missing, although there's no way to be sure.

This mission also seems to reference another mission Alec had with Verra Rose, in which Verra left early and took the remote activator with her, leaving Alec stranded and traumatized. This mission, if it was actually published, does not survive either. It also mentions a "Star Trek Fan Fiction University," which doesn't survive, and a previously unknown Star Trek mini, the Vulcan Teddy Bear.

The archivist has done editing in this mission, primarily adding commas and italicizing the name of the Enterprise. The mission uses the phrase, "Slimpic light," which confuses the archivist, so it has been left alone for now.

The mission, and the author note below, were written by Kippur. The PPC was created by Jay and Acacia. The badfic "Who Q? Where Q?" belongs to Stephen Ratliff. Star Trek: The Next Generation belongs to Gene Roddenberry.

This mission is rated PG for very minor innuendos and discussion of alcohol.

The Many Deaths of Marrissa Picard: Q-uesting )