Archivist's Note: Ellipsis Flood wrote this story as part of Astral Void's Halloween Co-Write in 2011. It features Agent Saline telling a story from her home canon, an original setting of EF's creation. The story was originally posted to EF's website, but was not automatically saved by archive sites like the rest of her stories were.

The Protectors of the Plot Continuum was created by Jay and Acacia, and is written in with permission. This story is rated G—maybe PG, if the reader is easily frightened.

Ellipsis Flood's story )
Archivist’s Note: This story is part of Astral Void’s Halloween Co-write from 2011, and was the final story added. The chronological list of the event can be found on the PPC Wiki. TheCatfishCaper didn’t give this story a title; thus the very generic one given below. Minor punctuation editing has occurred.

TheCatfishCaper theirself never received permission, and this is Agent Hikari Matsudaira’s only appearance in PPC canon. The archivist personally believes the scary story told here is Hikari’s actual backstory, but there is essentially no way to know for certain, without any other material.

The PPC was created by Jay and Acacia, and is written in with permission (in this case, as part of an event with other writers with permission). Agent Grace Leon belongs to Astral Void. This story is rated about G, unless the reader is easily scared.

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