Archivist's Note: Hawkelf was a PPCer from about 2003 to 2005. She developed many agents, but only wrote a few. This is a reproduction of her Freewebs site, "Welcome to Somewhere Upwards!", and the PPC story she had there, "Cat, Hawk, Kitchen." For many years, this was literally the only story to exist about the HQ Cafeteria; this is lampshaded by Gwen's failure to ever see other cooks. Gwen, M'rrhar and Rumor appear in a shared RP account on LiveJorunal. The rest of Hawkelf's characters listed below don't appear anywhere, although Agent Hawkelf was probably active on the permanently lost Department of Character Protective Services LJ community.

Everything below this paragraph is the words of Hawkelf, and is G rated. The only changes made are the display of the disclaimer as text instead of a scrolling banner, separating "nevermind" into its component words, and changing one short dash into a long one. The PPC belongs to Jay and Acacia.

Welcome to Somewhere Upwards!
Disclaimer: I do not own Alpha Flight, Animorphs, ElfQuest, The Lord of the Rings, The Book of Night With Moon, X-Men or the PPC.

In Which There Are Stories
Rumor and Evelen

As soon as their department gets off the ground
and a few technical things are sorted out there
will be stories, but not before.
Agent Hawkelf
AHE will never have any actual stories, but her
department is located here.
(2009: The link is now long dead.)
Kit 'Not the God' H. and Treeleaf
Nothing of theirs up yet . . . Nothing in the progress, either . . .
I should work on that . . .
Gwen and M'rrahr

Cat, Hawk, Kitchen )