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Archivist's Note: The "Official Mini-Dragon University of Rekka no Ken" is a spin-off, written by Traek, of the main Official Fanfiction University of Rekka no Ken by Vyctori. Traek was a fan of the original OFU, serving as the inspiration for staff member Mr. T. (He also appears as "Treak" in This PPC mission.) The idea of a mini-dragon university seems to have come from a mention in OFURNK (apparently now lost) that misspelling the school's name would produce an entire new school.

It is unknown if OMDURNK was ever posted anywhere other than the message board where its single known chapter was found. This chapter was posted on July 28, 2004. Also included is part of a textbook that Traek mocked up for Lyn's "Mary-Sues and Gary-Stues—The Bane of an Author’s Existence" class at OFURNK, originally posted here on June 17, 2004.

The archivist has taken a bit of liberty trying to represent the "ninja gif" in one of Traek's author notes, and corrected one incorrect usage of "to;" otherwise, the content is unedited. Author Notes are by Traek. Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken belongs to Intelligent Systems at Nintendo. Everything here is rated G.

Official Mini-Dragon University of Rekka no Ken

It was storming loudly outside the walls of OFURNK as Bunny slept silently, but she was no longer sleeping when a clash of thunder rattled the University. Bunny sat up, and reached for her diary. She began writing furiously in it.

Daer Dairy,
I hav nevver told enywon this, but i em compleetly freekt owt by thudderstroms. Its expeshally kreepy beacawse Its hapenning heer at OFURGK.

A huge clash of thunder was heard outside, as a green beam of light shot across the sky, and Bunny wrote more.

Now tat wuz kreepy. A big lite

Bunny thought for a moment, but couldn't put "shot across the sky" in words. Bunny seemed to always have a lot of creativity problems, and she hardly ever could describe anything. That would make it hard finding Yo-san in the library. She finished her sentence:

did somthnig.

She set aside her diary, and put her covers over her head. She tried to fall asleep, but it was no use. She sat up again, and got out of bed. She walked over to the door, and ran out as fast as she could. Now all she had to do was watch out for minis and Hawkeye.

Minis get it so easy, Bunny thought to herself. They get to attack students at will, and they get their own hot tub, while the rest of us are tortured by them.

But bunny's thought drifted away from minis.

I hope I get a glimpse of Hawkeye without him seeing me.

Her goal was to reach the library. No one was in the library at this hour, so she was safe. She didn't know why she wanted to go to the library, but she had found a note in her diary that ordered to go to the library.

Then it hit her. She had written that note to herself to go to the library, and finish her homework. Bunny had always forgotten to finish her homework, and she had written herself a mental note to go finish it, but she didn't read the mental note during the day.

Bunny looked down at her watch, but something was funny about her arm. It was green and scaley. She stopped running, and looked at her other arm. Her other arm was fine, but something was itching her back. She felt behind her head to feel something poking out inside of her nightgown. She tried not to scream when she noticed that her nose was stretching in front of her, and then she did scream. She was shrinking fast. She was as short as a full grown cat.

Hawkeye came running into the hall, and Bunny began to scurry out of sight.

"Hey you!" Hawkeye shouted at Bunny.

Bunny had run around a corner, so all Hawkeye could see was her shadow. Hawkeye turned the corner, and saw Bunny.

"Oh, it's only a mini," said Hawkeye.

Oh no. Bunny was doomed. There was a mini nearby. She turned her head swiftly, but saw no mini. Obviously Hawkeye never saw Bunny. He turned to the left and continued walking down the hallway.

Bunny ran down the hall until she reached the library. She got out her things, and began to try and write in it, but she couldn't grip the pencil right. Then a thought hit her.

I was the mini that Hawkeye saw.

Elsewhere in the castle...

Mr T finally had gotten the time to go searching around the castle. He had Miss Jen, Karel, and Yo-san with him, for support, and a bit of help. Miss Jen and Karel were there to punish any students who were out of line, and Yo-san was always very quite because sometimes the sound he makes is even indescribable.

"This is the room I was telling you about," said Mr T.

"Let's go in, and get her," said Miss Jen smiling evilly.

"Why are we trying get her?" asked Yo-san.

"Let me explain," suggested Miss Jen. "This girl, Bunny, has been writing Sues all over the place. She has been describing the tactician as being a ‘hot chick' who gets Eliwood. She even has created the most mini-dragons out of every student in the entire castle. Even the minis have made less minis, and they don't know how to spell. What we're gonna do is just have a little talk with her, and see what she's up to in there. She's starting to make this university look foolish."

"I see," said Yo-san nodding.

They four of them went into the room quietly, as to not wake Bunny's roommate. They snuck over to Bunny's bed, and looked down at it.

"She's gone," said Karel.

Yo-san looked down at Bunny's diary, and began reading it.

"Yo-san!" shouted Miss Jen is a whisper. "A girl's diary is private."

"Don't worry about it Miss Jen, it's part of the job," said Mr T.

"I think I know why she's gone," said Yo-san.

The other three surrounded Yo-san, as they all gasped as Yo-san pointed at the six letters ‘OFURGK' in Bunny's diary.

"That girl just plans her own death doesn't she," said Karel.

"Don't tell her that, though," said Mr T. "No mini should know that. It would scare them too much."

"Looks like The Official Mini-Dragon University of Rekka no Ken, District 7, has opened up," said Yo-san.

OFURNK text book

Author Note: I have a funny idea. Check it out. Text books for Lyn's class!

All About Sues and Stus: A Guide to Identifying Perfection in Fire Emblem Fan Fiction


Chapter 1: What is a Sue and Stu

Section 1: Sue and Stu Vocabulary

Mary Sue (Sue): A female character made up by the author in a fan fiction story with few flaws.

Gary Stu (Stu): A male character made up by the author in a fan fiction story with few flaws.

Section 2: Why do Authors Write Sues and Stus?

Like you saw in the vocabulary a Mary Sue and a Gary Stu is a made-up character with very little flaws. Many Sues and Stus might even have none. This is not a good thing. Many authors think that when they make up a character for a fan fiction story, they can make the made-up character as perfect as possible because when they see other character from the real story, they think of perfection. This is because some authors don't really see what a character's personality might be, or how their story really goes.

Nobody is perfect. When authors write Sues and Stus, they think of what perfection is instead of what reality is. The authors look at what can make a character perfect because they think that perfection is a good thing. In the real world, perfection is a good thing, so authors tend to put a good thing into their fan fiction and it makes it a bad thing. You'll understand this later.

Authors also like to think of themselves as their made-up character. Usually they might use their own name as the character, and send themselves into the fan fiction world.

Section 3: Why are Sues and Stus Bad?

If someone was perfect, it wouldn't make their life much fun. They would never make mistakes, therefore they can never learn from mistakes. Never making mistakes sounds like a good thing, though, but in fan fiction it's bad. It doesn't make a good plot. It also wouldn't be a very excited story if the made-up character couldn't make mistakes. It would be boring because you'd know that they'd never lose or mess up. There would be no problem in the story, making it much less exciting to read.

Chapter 2: Writing a Sue or Stu

Section 1: How to Write a Sue or Stu

This is very easy to do. You just think up a character that is completely perfect, and put it into a fan fiction story. That sounds like a very easy thing to do. Here's an example of a Sue.

-Her bright golden eyes shined through the room as she walked through her hut. It was dark, but with her cunning eyesight, she could see almost anything. She pulled out her long lance, and walked outside. Her eyes instantly turned silver in the moonlight, as her beautiful body sat upon the most magnificent Pegasus in all of Elibe. She kicked off, and flew off into the night. Her bright face shined with happiness, and her blue, silver-streaked, hair blew in the breeze of the wind. She was the most skilled Pegasus Knight in all of Elibe.-

As you can see, this Sue was almost as perfect as can be, and it didn't take long to write.

Section 2: How not to Write a Sue or Stu.

This is sometimes a very hard thing to do. You would have to think of more flaws in your made-up character. Here's the same made-up character as before, only when she has more flaws to remove her Sue personality.

-She waved her hands furiously around looking for her lance. It wasn't a very good lance, but she had paid a lot of money for it. She found, and stepped outside, after a few minutes of searching for the door. She wasn't a very attractive young woman, but it was enough to please her. She climbed atop her Pegasus, and kicked it off. It galloped slightly, but never got off the ground. She again kicked it, but it still was too weak to move. She got off her Pegasus, and patted it's back. She wasn't a very skilled Pegasus Knight.-

As you can see, that would be much more plot developed than the first. In the first one, she could be a perfect Pegasus Knight, and learn to become better, but you can't get better than perfect. In the second version of the first story, the author could write a story based on how she trained up the Pegasus Knight, but still failed to make it fly. Eventually, the second version could become a Sue when she finally learns to ride the Pegasus perfectly. As you can see, it's very difficult sometimes to not write a Sue or Stu when you make up a character.


Chapter 3: What is a Badfic?

Section 1: Badfic Vocabulary

Fic: Short for fan fiction. A short story.

Badfic: Very many misspelled words. Little plot and character design. Not much thought is put into it.

Bad!fic: A worse version of a badfic. May include a Sue or Stu.

Section 2: Where do Badfics Come From?

When you hear the word Badfic, you think of something that went horribly wrong in a story or fic. When you hear the word Bad!fic, you think of something worse that went wrong in a story or fic. Think of the worse way to spell the name ‘Eliwood', but still keep almost the same pronunciation. Here are a couple of ways to spell ‘Eliwood' wrong:
Most of these names can come from typing too fast, like ‘Wliwood', ‘Rliwood', and ‘Eliwodo'. ‘Wliwood' comes from typing ‘W' instead of ‘E'. Same for ‘Rliwood', but ‘Eliwodo' comes from when you try to type two ‘O's and a ‘D' at once. It could be easy to type it the right way, but sometimes you could mess up and type it the wrong way.

Badfics come from misspelled words like the ones above. It doesn't have to be a name; it could be any word at all.

Chapter 4: Why do Authors Write Badfics?

Section 1: On Purpose?

I bet your thinking the question: "How could anyone write such a horrible fic on accident?" Sometimes it is an accident, but a lot of the times author write Badfics on purpose. These are some reasons for writing an intentional Badfic:

1. To let out anger.

2. To make fun of the thing your Badfic is based off of.

3. To make fun of another fic.

4. To be plain mean.

5. For no reason.

6. To put it into something that informs people of Badfics.

7. To have fun.

There are many other reasons, but these are a few of the many reason of writing a Badfic on purpose.

Section 2: On Accident?

What about writing a Badfic on accident. How would that be possible? Here are some reasons why someone would write a Badfic on accident:

1. Enough stress to misspell words.

2. Uneducated.

3. Wanting to finish a fic quickly.

4. Typing too fast.

Those were a few reasons. There aren't many reasons for writing a Badfic on accident.

Chapter 5: Seeing a Badfic

Section 1: How to Write a Badfic

If you have never seen a Badfic, I don't blame you. Sometimes it's hard to find one, but that doesn't mean you should go looking for some. This chapter is going to use number 6 on the first list to explain what a Badfic looks like. Here's one:

-Lin woak upp ande loocked arownd hir roooom. Sge waas vary happpy annd stuf. Seh steppt owt off beed, and walcked ovver too hr closette. Lynn puut onn hear close ant wetn owtsyde. Seh raann arownd ant arounde untill sde stoped. Thenn shee wentt bak innsyde ande saat doun.-

As you can see, not a single word was spelled right, and there was no plot, which makes it more of a Bad!fic. Here is the same story, but words are spelled right. I just want you to know what the first passage said:

-Lyn woke up and looked around her room. She was very happy and stuff. She stepped out of bed, and walked over to her closet. Lyn put on her clothes and went outside. She ran around and around until she stopped. Then she went back inside and sat down.-

This is a bit better, but it still has no plot. This is a Badfic.

Section 2: How not to Write a Badfic

There doesn't need to be much of an explanation for this section. Just type at a pace, and read your fic when you're done. You should always edit your fics, and then find someone to read them over so you don't think that ‘Eliwood' is spelled ‘Elliwood'.

Author Note: I'm not done yet. I'm working on the OOC part, then I get to the part on how to identify Sues and Stus. Then I'll make a book test. You can add this into the OFURNK somewhere. |8|

EDIT: Maybe I could send this to other fanfic Universities, and they could change the Fire Emblem parts into whatever their University is based on. heh. |8|